vape mono, vape simple

Vape Mono is designed in Iceland, manufactured in UK

With a rising lack of simple flavors on the market, and everyone focusing on creating the most complex flavors with the most colorful labels, 
the owner of Vape Mono decided to go out there and team up with a skilled manufacturer to create a simple line, with elegant labels that 
do not appeal to children and will fit most vape styles out there.

Created by a vaper for vapers that want simple but good flavors.

The process started in August 2018 and the first batch was ready to sell in December 2018 just before Christmas! 

Mono got launched in Iceland and right away people loved it! Sales stared of great and after a couple of messages to shops and distributors 
in Norway and Belgium, samples were sent out and the ball started rolling from there.

All our liquids are TPD compliant in 50ml shortfill bottles with 0mg nicotine. 

If you want to stock Mono E-liquids at your store or distro / wholesale, we would love to hear from you!
Send us a message today and we will take care of you!


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